Personal Academic Stance

I believe in scientific endeavor to reach out our better living as human being is granted with ability to discover beauty through reasoning. I realize my own excitement when I have to face with science, and when I see the most beautiful creature of science. I could see that beauty is a matter of structure, pattern, universality, and regularity but not about appearence or nominal value. This is what I’ve done by establishing such research group devoted to be research university on social complexity in Indonesia.

I had a dream, a dream to be a great scientist and researcher and do anything I could in the name of the truth of science. Eventually, I realized that it is a deadly job to find any good circumstances to have my dream come true until to day, here at my place. Then I did a lot of works on researches by myself as well as collaboration with friends and buddies surrounding me, though somehow a lot of friends were made through the journey. I followed a common opinion spreading at my place, “if you are searching knowledge and science, donot go to school but to the library!”. I go to the library reading and contemplating and I jumped out to see how I could make it scientific works among the people.

Everybody can see my CV in the links above where you can get an overview of my personal character and research experience. Learning courses myself be it mathematical, physical, and computational as well as sociological, social psychological, and thus philosophy of science brought all of it. As a matter of fact, I love mathematics and computer programming when they talk about their use in social analysis and how we can make a better day of living by incorporating them to our social analysis.

I love science at its general form and spirit pursuing truth that eventually very hardly to achieve. I believe that science should be interdisciplinary, not prisonned in the narrow building of faculty but that it can freely fly over many problems and questions we found on sustaining our lives.

I’ve once go to college, learning in the faculty of Electrical Engineering while in parallel study most of theoretical explorations in social sciences as a part of student movement in campus. I found that science must go through the problem altogether, far from emotional arrogance that is often found in our academic society. Arrogance of being a lecturer, arrogance of their own discipline and method, and so on, that in return that scientific society has been dissolved to the hollow truth and societal cosmetics of academic degrees. And I am going through straight. I do many works that you can see in the homepage of scientific organization my friends and I tried to built, Bandung Fe Institute, in my part of the Dept. Computational Sociology, doing some researches in computational statistical physics on economic phenomena, or in popular term econophysics, that you can see in the Portal Ekonofisika Indonesia, and some of my papers to be reviewed in several international formal publications. I suppose research life should be filled with limitless creativity, full of energy, with wide and spectral visions while not at all being reluctant settling down in detailed work as to write and debug program in data analysis. The same energy has brought me and some of young colleagues of mine to initiate the Perpustakaan DIgital Budaya Indonesia, a portal supposed to be the pioneer for open digital library of Indonesian culture, with mission to encourage Indonesian young fellows to look differently the richness of the social diversity throughout the archipelago, and see how it can contribute to the future of ours, be it economically, socially, politically, and even scientifically.

Well, it is a dream. A dream to have a “real” scientific community in the country, lack of hollow cosmetics, but full of truth and the spirit of will to know. A dream to see how science can really give opportunities for the people rely on scientific method for life. A society lives with insights and the will to understand and behave by explanations.

I just want it to hope while sometimes it is more like a specter to me that the lightful hope can someday turns to be ember. Well, in some critical points, science is a matter of life….