Board of Science

Eager to know, maximum curiosity to uncover the enigma of the universe, and never forget to have fun and just let it go; these are the primary adjectives to describe them.

Hokky Situngkir

Hokky Situngkir, born in Siantar, 7 February 1978, has interests in artificial societies and social simulations, computational approaches in social and sociological theories, computational models in dynamical and evolutionary system, and its applications in broad areas including sociology, economics and finance. He is the chairman of Dept. Computational Sociology while also actively writing articles and soft-papers in major Indonesian media. He is also currently the president of the institue.

Rendra Suroso

Rendra Suroso, born in Ponorogo, 31 March 1980, once was an astronomer wannabe until the seamless whole dissolved it all. Currently the Chairman of Dept. Cognitive Sciences, his area of interests are data mining, the good ol’ fashioned GOFAI, and basically anything synthetic.

Rolan Dahlan

Rolan Mauludy Dahlan born in Palembang, South Sumatera on December 2nd 1980, is our scholar since 8 September 2004. Industrial engineering brought his interests closer to the study of economics as an evolving complex system. He is currently studying agent behavior in economic environment in the Dept. Evolutionary of Economics.

Ardian Maulana

Ardian Maulana, born in Raha, Southern Sulawesi on January 2nd 1982. Despite him being a material engineer by training, his long activities and conscience have brought him to study a lot about social and political system as complex adaptive system, before joining the institute in 2008. He is currently studying the complexity of political system and agent behavior related to political decisions incorporating statistical mechanics and computational simulations. He conducts his research in the Dept. Computational Sociology.